Monday, 3 May 2010

Election Time!

So out of the blue I had a request to give my thoughts on the upcoming elections in the UK. I'm going to have a bash, but having no TV to watch and only bothering to buy a paper if I need some reasonably hefty waste paper I was a little out of the loop and had to catch up by doing some reading first. So, here are my thoughts and apologies for the delay. :)


First thing is first - no one concerned seems to really want it. If this wasn't obvious by now then Gordon Browns unconscious mugging him last week should have tipped the wink. Forgot the microphone was on?

Not hardly. Unconscious minds don't forget much, if anything.

Ideally for the political class they will engineer some sort of hung parliament if they possibly can - a coalition government of the sort that always crops up whenever the system as a whole is threatened. If one can be elected, that's a lot better than one having to be forged after the first round of immensely severe state cut backs and brick chucking. Sharing the blame for the economic collapse they are facing now that lies have failed, taxes aren't being collected and inflation has stopped having a positive effect on GDP willl be fine, just fine.

Underneath all this of course are the now broken systems that the state has been using for the last three decades to fund itself - inflation, FRB banking, income taxation, regulation and bubbles to cream off excess in a bust, taxation at source and that sort of thing. There will be a big push to reinstate those and/or to get the old ones running again by whoever winds up winning. Won't work, of course - you can't fool the same guy the same way twice.

Without those things, the state has to be much smaller. Which is a bugger for most people as the state is about to withdraw from the areas it's been into which don't directly and immediately benefit the top statists and their cronies. Schools, hospitals etc etc won't have the controlling hand removed - but they will have funds cut. This is the worst of all worlds under a statists system. Not able to sort matters out for yourself due to the law still being able to be applied, not favoured enough to be given largesse from the statists.

Anyway, that's the backdrop to polling day. And it's very interesting that it simply isn't being mentioned in any way whatsoever. Which suggests that yes, it really IS so bad that they have to pull together on it. In more "normal" times one side would have tried to make political capital out of it at the others expense given how easy the case is to make, the absence of such efforts tells it's own story.

State failure is still on course - the state is going to have to cut down to it's core functions. Not because it wants to, but because all the mechanisms that pay for it's intruding everywhere are shot at. Between here and there is a horrible period where the noose tightens but before the rope breaks.

The problem they have electioneering this massive sea change is that the current raft of MP's have all been trained in the fine art of giving goodies away without having to reference how it will be paid for. It has been decades since any politician has had to do something as onerous as even look at the books honestly, nevermind balance them. Not knowing what else to do, they are all treading water and waiting for events. The electorate are equally keen on seeing the state as powerful to the point of being supernatural - for psychological reasons which Stefan Molyneaux has excellently outlined at freedomainradio.

With no real change to sell and no credible salesmen for austerity this weeks election is a wash out. More interesting will be the next one, the emergency one after the bricks start flying.

For a prediction - small tory majority or hung parliament (and the IMF.)

A small update on my thoughts on the NWO thing - it's now my firm opinion that the database state and all the rest of it are an answer to the collapse, not the reason for it. I think that the internet and the shortening of the information gap it heralds have made life a lot harder for the "elite" than they are used to. Logic is always available and genius is found in all social strata - information is he key distinction between, and that distinction is shrinking every day.